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Again I say beware of lies and false charges by Muslims 01/18/17 09:10:42 manfred
   Too Right! I made a google search link on this huge problem. Look what I got! 01/18/17 10:20:48 urscum
   and these photographs. It's enough to make you ill. 01/18/17 10:24:08 urscum
   Don't worry guys, a lot of us are onto the games some of these assholes play and ... 01/25/17 11:00:02 GOLDSUX
   NJ Muslim teacher fellates students sends naked selfies. Oh, she's just maladjusted and aspires to be an elitist liberal like Madonna or the CNN bottle blonds 01/26/17 10:02:31 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   Be Very Worried , Mainstream Media Ignored Trudeau Government Passing anti Islamaphobia law - Making Criticising Islam A Punishable Offence! INSANITY!! 01/29/17 10:03:12 wren
   Trudeau is so out of touch with Canadians and with reality. Most Canadians are too polite to tell him but at the polls in 2019 he'll find out. 01/29/17 10:51:29 LindyPhD
   Horror in Quebec city. Does anybody believe it was an unassisted act by a lone alt-Right Quebecker gunman University student with a pistol?? 01/31/17 10:28:33 wren
   Being mindful of some Muslims dominating conversation by using Public Relations to elicit sympathy and further their causes. 02/03/17 10:40:52 Goldgal
   Has anybody checked the Quebec mosque attacked recently for affiliations with terror groups. 02/11/17 19:12:45 Renaud
   Storm of reaction to news Syrian refugee charged with sex assaults - as usual not a migrant issue and our fault for profiling! No concern for victims! 02/14/17 09:36:04 LindyPhD
   "To make this about immigration is just absurd.." So they say but I say, what drove a Syrian Muslim migrant to assault Canadian Christian girls? 02/14/17 10:01:46 urscum
   Tail wags dog in Canadian practice and policy 02/15/17 06:36:51 wren
   Reporting on refugees charged with crimes 02/15/17 07:03:02 LindyPhD
      Important message to all. Thank you to Lindy 02/15/17 07:20:07 MOVAY