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Van Jones comedy act excretes anti-Trump screed to bored Canadian press representatives in Toronto 11/23/16 09:09:24 LindyPhD
   We can be kind to loser Jones 11/23/16 17:07:21 Goldgal
   Succintly put Goldy and exceptionally well argued Lindy! 11/24/16 09:58:44 wren
   'whitelash' this: An example of a Liberal vision of America , while Van and his cronies blame 'whitey' for everything ... --- GAWD!!! 11/25/16 07:51:49 manfred
   Justin Trudeau's vision of North America too, which starts with Canada. Liberal pollsters favour him and he hates and FEARS Trump 11/25/16 08:58:51 wren
   Yes ponce Trudeau is stupid, Van Jones is just another angry black, Hollande is bowing out of politics and Trump is the winner! But what did he win? 12/02/16 12:25:46 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   Van Jones is a delusional pathetic poor loser who likes to dominate commentary and shout racial bias against whites while the real world laughs at him 12/20/16 11:16:05 LindyPhD
      ... and 12/20/16 12:32:29 LindyPhD
   Now humiliated and debased Van Jones criticising Democrats. 01/02/17 12:07:03 urscum
   I look upon the Van Jones's of the world with mockery and scorn! 01/03/17 12:37:15 aishwarya
   my new year's resolution: 01/04/17 08:25:08 wren
      and pigress Lisa Raitt oinks in objection to realists and reality. 01/04/17 17:43:13 wren
   Kellie Leitch can be taken seriously, 01/05/17 07:20:37 LindyPhD
      Yes, Raitt is scum and demented 01/05/17 16:16:32 manfred