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The Smarter Sex? Women's Average IQ Overtakes Men's 07/20/12 07:14:09 The Money Board
   Does that include blondes? 07/20/12 07:58:23 Renaud
   Rioting Pussies in lock-up 07/20/12 09:39:24 MOVAY
   Prison Pussies picture 07/20/12 09:41:47 MOVAY
   The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina 07/24/12 16:31:28 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   I mean COME ON ladies! How good does a labia have to look? 07/24/12 16:37:40 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   The red cat laddies here might think 07/27/12 11:23:59 Suleyman Agha
   Mr. Suleyman Agha is right historically because 600 years ago, women did not wear anything under their flowing skirts so you could see the sunshine. 07/28/12 07:06:44 Renaud
   Suleyman's sun seems to shine for many smart people 08/04/12 07:38:40 The Money Board
   Haven't they heard of vibrating dildos? 08/04/12 19:34:49 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   But xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia and The Money Board, there's two sides to that coin 08/05/12 04:42:40 Renaud
   In my opinion everyone has a right to commit suicide (not murder!) by inserting explosives in his rectum 08/05/12 06:50:51 Suleyman Agha
   Riot of the Pussies new wave of grrl power? 08/21/12 12:37:56 MOVAY
   Sodomy in Islam 08/21/12 12:47:08 MOVAY
   Frontpage Magazine 08/21/12 12:49:48 wren
   Insane to accuse girl of blasphemy: Pak daily 08/21/12 13:05:08 LindyPhD
   Borat learns how to date 08/21/12 13:12:52 wren
   Sexual frustration is NOT the only cause for Islamic terrorism but .. 08/21/12 13:24:44 wren
   Pussy Riot divides Russian society 08/24/12 11:19:59 OH John
   China's Sexual Revolution Has Reached The Point Of No Return 09/03/12 08:30:18 LindyPhD
   Sexual revolution in China is a good thing! 09/03/12 08:39:25 LindyPhD
   A Point Of View: Does the sex debate exclude men? 09/09/12 09:36:30 IO
   Topless warriors start boot camp for global feminism 09/23/12 08:02:13 Suleyman Agha
   1 in 3 pussies are free 10/10/12 07:17:00 MOVAY
   Prostitution arrests rock Maine tourist town 10/10/12 12:20:37 wren
   Julia Gillard's speech slamming Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for being a misogynist Youtube 10/10/12 14:47:21 LindyPhD
   The Smart Woman's Guide to Making and Baking "No Knead" Bread 10/11/12 08:50:04 IO
   A truly sad story about a young girl named Amanda Todd who committed suicide on October 10, 2012 10/24/12 17:41:14 IO
   Woman 'appalled' how U.S. site spread 'dirt' about her 10/29/12 05:00:57 IO
   Delhi gang-rape victim's funeral held 12/30/12 05:57:04 IO
   'Stop Looking at my Penis' 12/30/12 06:19:24 The Money Board
   Read this then ask yourself WHY women are treated so poorly in Islamic countries? Some (No not all) deserve it! 01/07/13 08:13:08 wren
   This one is a keeper for your "stupidity and insanity" file 01/07/13 08:24:22 wren
   A Youtube tribute to male intelligence 01/13/13 07:45:12 IO
   There's no "smarter sex" only 'smarter people". 01/14/13 05:46:16 Goldgal
   XX-treme societies offer little hope 01/15/13 09:43:01 wren
   Oxford exploitation trial: Girl 'burned with lighter' 01/17/13 06:48:39 OH John
   'She'll Kick Your Butt': Experts Say Women Fit to Fight 01/24/13 18:43:38 urscum
   25 Signs American Women Are Being Destroyed By The Sexual Revolution And Our Promiscuous Culture 02/01/13 07:04:16 The Money Board
   1 in 4 teen girls have STD - NO BIG SURPRISE - morals of an alley cat come home to roost - lay with dogs rise with fleas! 02/01/13 08:10:17 wren
   Revenge porn case highlights online dangers 02/08/13 07:48:11 Renaud
   Kody Maxson, Amanda Todd's Alleged Tormenter, Has Reemerged Online 02/08/13 08:05:21 Renaud
   Cowards Are Blackmailing Young Women to Death on the Internet 02/08/13 08:10:13 Renaud
   Penis size matters to female golden moles 02/20/13 04:32:59 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   A Point of View: The Winter Queen of Bohemia 02/24/13 05:41:48 LindyPhD
   Please Sheryl Sandberg, Don't Speak On Behalf Of Working Women 03/03/13 04:11:39 LindyPhD
   Melissa King: Warrants out for former Miss Delaware Teen USA's arrest 03/03/13 20:01:50 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   I saw the Melissa King Video 03/03/13 20:17:21 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   Future female billionaires most likely to be Asian ... and the usual "however" ... 03/07/13 15:07:50 LindyPhD
   Women and even little girls are not just smarter they have "talent" 03/12/13 11:56:33 IO
   More proof? 03/12/13 11:57:48 IO
   Still not buying it? 03/12/13 12:01:15 IO
   12 Rude Revelations About Sex 08/01/13 10:27:40 Suleyman Agha