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Debt crisis: while Rome burns, the eurozone fiddles 11/09/11 15:27:46 joeybagger
   Italian Banks ’Trapped’ by Sovereign Crisis 11/11/11 09:26:54 OH John
   Who's afraid of big bad Berlin? Conspiracy theories miss the facts 11/11/11 23:33:18 OH John
   Italy crisis: Senate adopts austerity law 11/11/11 23:45:08 OH John
   Mario Monti sworn in as Italian premier 11/16/11 08:48:43 OH John
   The Contagion Threat 11/16/11 09:04:29 OH John
   Greeks protest as France, Spain face squeeze 11/17/11 14:41:21 wren
   Watch for news about the U.S. FED led bail-out of European banks. No wonder Obama is looking East 11/17/11 14:46:13 wren
   Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom? 11/19/11 07:20:20 GOLDSUX
   S&P downgrades Belgium credit rating one notch to AA 11/25/11 13:02:44 OH John
   Fitch takes rating actions on Portuguese banks 11/25/11 13:14:34 OH John
   European debt crisis: Risks grow as borrowing rates for Italy, other nations rise 11/25/11 15:57:26 OH John
   Bank asset sale stand-off threatens European lending 11/25/11 16:06:56 OH John
   Prepare for riots in euro collapse, UK Foreign Office warns 11/26/11 02:02:30 joeybagger
   Banking Crisis Anatomy 11/26/11 14:31:37 OH John
   Merkel Favors Fast-Track EU Treaty Change 11/28/11 08:45:09 OH John
   The little communist the world's most powerful woman (with the future of capitalism in her hands) 11/28/11 13:53:50 joeybagger
   Central banks join forces to ease financial strains 11/30/11 07:01:19 OH John
   Spain Boosts Bank Contributions to Deposit-Guarantee Fund 12/02/11 08:08:41 OH John
   Deutsche Bank to investors: Time to switch into cyclicals 12/06/11 07:17:02 OH John
   Geithner to add U.S. weight to euro zone talks 12/06/11 07:26:58 OH John
   Portugal raids pension funds to meet deficit targets ("One-off" or the shape of things to come? jk) 12/06/11 17:45:09 OH John
   Greece Tells Germany And EU To 'Stick It' 01/29/12 05:53:01 Suleyman Agha
   Athens clashes over eurozone austerity plan 02/10/12 08:36:17 OH John
   Greece deal uncertain as ministers quit, violence erupts 02/10/12 08:57:51 OH John
   John Paulson Says Greece May Default, Spurring Euro Breakup 02/15/12 13:44:45 OH John
   Greece May Default on Gov’ts: Kirkegaard 03/01/12 11:39:18 OH John
   Should China bail out Europe? 03/10/12 09:35:24 Suleyman Agha
   Euro zone first default gives few reasons to cheer 03/13/12 10:07:18 wren
   Greece Has Ratings Upgraded by Fitch on Distressed Debt Exchange 03/13/12 11:34:29 OH John
   Treasury expected euro break-up 03/14/12 04:17:13 Suleyman Agha
   Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off 03/18/12 09:44:09 Suleyman Agha
   Investors take fright, grab profit on Italian debt 03/23/12 11:48:01 OH John
   IMF Says European Banks May Have to Sell $3.8 Trillion in Assets 04/18/12 10:39:10 OH John
   Spain bond auction sees strong demand 04/19/12 07:53:02 OH John
   No avoiding credit squeeze as Europe's banks shrink 04/20/12 03:09:55 OH John
   Could the euro survive a Greek exit? 05/14/12 04:21:51 OH John
   Judge to lead Greece to fateful June 17 vote 05/16/12 07:15:51 OH John
   Greek Syriza leader Tsipras attacks EU and Merkel 05/16/12 11:31:00 wren
   Moody’s said to downgrade Spanish banks 05/17/12 02:32:18 The Money Board
   As European Bank Run Threatens, Fitch Says Global Firms Need Another $566B 05/17/12 09:28:13 OH John
   Europe Manufacturing Shrinks, German Confidence Drops: Economy 05/24/12 03:44:07 OH John
   Rumors of Bank Intervention Stir Euro Markets 05/24/12 11:25:21 OH John
   Europe Shares Close Higher After Sell-Off 05/24/12 11:32:43 OH John
   CitiGroup predicts 'Greece will leave eurozone on New Year's Day' 05/24/12 11:55:42 joeybagger
   Crisis Management And Reality Denial 05/26/12 11:31:51 Red Blackhat
   Spain runs out of money 05/28/12 10:38:46 wren
   Moody's downgrades credit ratings of six German banks 06/07/12 07:02:08 Red Blackhat
   Moody's downgrades Spain's credit rating 3 notches 06/14/12 03:17:38 The Money Board
   Moody's downgrades Cyprus on Greek euro exit fears 06/14/12 03:23:51 The Money Board
   Moody's cuts five Dutch banks, warns on Greece 06/15/12 00:34:40 The Money Board
   Merkel faces tensions at key euro summit in Brussels 06/28/12 08:57:00 OH John
   Q&A: EU 'integration' summit 06/28/12 11:35:01 wren
   Eurozone agreement: press reactions 06/29/12 04:31:30 OH John
   EU Leaders Ease Debt-Crisis Rules on Spain 06/29/12 04:56:00 OH John
   Debt crisis: S&P downgrades 15 Italian banks 08/04/12 05:20:44 The Money Board
   Euro Zone situation much better than reported: EFSF chief 08/26/12 02:52:49 The Money Board
   Merkel Reins In Greek Exit Talk in Euro’s Decisive Phase 08/27/12 06:54:00 OH John
   Watch China buy EU bonds 08/30/12 05:25:29 wren
   Greek Finance Ministry Calculating German War Reparations Bill 09/06/12 09:47:45 The Money Board
   ECB's Mario Draghi unveils bond-buying euro debt plan 09/06/12 10:55:38 OH John
   Technical features of Outright Monetary Transactions (OMTs) 09/06/12 11:02:16 OH John
   Bundesbank to challenge ECB bond plan - report 09/25/12 05:49:37 OH John
   Banks, Insurers to Invest in Spain ‘Bad Bank’ With 15-Year Life 10/05/12 09:41:56 OH John
   Greece: Former minister found hanged 10/07/12 06:31:13 The Money Board
   Cyprus seeks €11.5 billion bailout 10/09/12 05:55:29 The Money Board
   IMF’s Lagarde Says Greece Needs More Time to Meet Targets 10/11/12 06:34:24 OH John
   Spanish unemployment reaches 25% 10/26/12 04:44:39 OH John
   31/10/2012 Germany gets tax windfall 11/01/12 07:04:29 OH John
   S&P raises Greece's credit rating 12/18/12 10:32:15 wren
   26 November 2012 :: Q&A: Are concerns about the French economy overblown? 12/18/12 10:35:43 wren
   Signs of hope for euro zone, but new worry for UK 01/04/13 06:53:00 OH John
   European finance: Venerable but vulnerable : Article: February 19, 2012 01/23/13 06:10:58 wren
   UPDATE 1-Monte Paschi shares plunge on derivative loss fears 01/23/13 06:12:54 wren
   Fraud and bribery probe: Monte Paschi arrested by Italian police 02/15/13 04:27:22 The Money Board
   France to miss deficit target, President Hollande says 03/12/13 21:16:21 OH John
   Italian Prosecutors Seize $2.35B From Japan's Nomura In Fraud Investigation Involving World’s Oldest Bank 04/18/13 05:34:28 The Money Board
   Euro crisis is over, says France's Francois Hollande 06/09/13 05:06:07 OH John
   Ex-Monte Paschi executives said investigated in tax fraud case 07/22/13 05:22:21 The Money Board
   Italian tax police arrest former Carige chairman - Giovanni Berneschi 05/23/14 04:30:15 The Money Board
   Monte dei Paschi shares tumble amid capital raising 06/13/14 01:58:45 The Money Board
   Monte dei Paschi di Siena reports heavy loss 08/14/14 09:43:02 Suleyman Agha
   Deutsche Bank Woes Deepen in Monte Paschi Fraud Case 05/23/17 09:16:03 Suleyman Agha