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Iran arrests 19 people over major bank scam 09/19/11 09:18:13 The Money Board
   Largest scam worth $2.6bn in Iran’s history 09/25/11 02:56:16 The Money Board
   Iran bank chiefs ousted in $2.6 bln fraud fallout 09/27/11 09:20:35 The Money Board
   Iran Majlis requests bank scam evidence 10/02/11 00:04:05 The Money Board
   Iran's Khamenei condemns officials over bank scam 10/03/11 09:04:36 The Money Board
   Iranian tied to bank blacklisted by United Nations 10/08/11 02:07:13 Suleyman Agha
   Iran: 14 New Arrests in Bank Scandal 10/11/11 09:18:00 The Money Board
   Iran deputy governor still detained 11/09/11 10:49:09 The Money Board
   Iran arrests 80 in country’s biggest ever banking scam 11/09/11 10:57:00 The Money Board
   Death penalty on the table for financial fraud suspects 11/27/11 01:09:28 The Money Board
   126 probed in Iran bank scam case 12/01/11 10:39:50 The Money Board
   ‘Interpol must arrest former Bank Melli managing director’ 01/30/12 10:09:03 The Money Board
   Roughly 30 people in Iran to be judged over $2.8 bln fraud case 01/30/12 10:15:29 The Money Board
   Iran reserves: $120b in foreign notes, 907 tons of gold 02/01/12 04:05:15 OH John
   5 suspects in $2.6b fraud case could face death penalty 02/16/12 07:29:29 The Money Board
   Third trial session of USD2.6bn bank scam opens in Tehran 03/17/12 06:48:31 The Money Board
   Auditor General links Iranian president to bank fraud 03/27/12 09:15:52 The Money Board
   Bank Melli management board members banned from leaving country over $2.6b fraud case 04/09/12 00:58:28 The Money Board
   Deputy minister, top managers to be prosecuted over Iran's banking scandal 04/22/12 02:25:02 The Money Board
   Seventh session of Iran bank scam trial wraps up in Tehran 04/24/12 05:36:28 The Money Board
   Number one suspect in $2.6b fraud case had links with a former minister 04/30/12 08:29:46 The Money Board
   Fourteen persons arrested over €100-million fraud case in Iran 05/08/12 07:15:14 The Money Board
   Bank Tat Dissolved 05/08/12 07:21:06 The Money Board
   Two judicial officials arrested over $2.6B fraud case 05/09/12 07:01:32 The Money Board
   Iranian bank sues rival over fraud allegations 06/08/12 04:01:05 The Money Board
   Another fraud case revealed in Iran 07/13/12 06:55:24 The Money Board
   Four sentenced to death over $2.6bn Iran bank fraud 07/30/12 06:12:02 OH John
   Bank Melli Iran's ex managing director to be judged publicly 10/29/12 05:39:39 The Money Board
   Iran court upholds 4 death sentences over fraud 02/20/13 02:41:31 The Money Board
   Larijani brothers counter attack against Ahmadinejad, execution orders confirmed for $3 billion bank fraud case 02/20/13 02:57:52 The Money Board
   Iranian MPs to face trial in huge bank fraud case 04/29/13 06:49:47 The Money Board
   Two MPs acquitted in historic Iranian bank fraud 08/11/13 04:50:14 The Money Board
   Prosecutor general of Iran: two MPs given fines for embezzlement 09/11/13 01:46:56 The Money Board
   Fugitive accused of financial corruption handed over to Iran 05/07/14 06:01:36 The Money Board
   Iran Hangs Billionaire Over $2.6B Bank Fraud 05/25/14 02:18:53 The Money Board