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Al Qaeda was planning to blow up oil tankers to provoke an 'extreme economic crisis' in the West 05/20/11 10:36:40 The Money Board
   North African branch of al-Qaida increasingly present in the Sahara 05/20/11 10:53:16 The Money Board
   Al Qaeda Without Bin Laden 05/20/11 12:37:47 OH John
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   U.S. Sees Stakes as the French Do the Fighting in Mali 01/15/13 03:47:21 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   Isolated in Europe, France appeals to Gulf for help with Mali mission 01/15/13 11:32:20 Renaud
   Mali: France’s Neo-Colonial War for Uranium???? 01/15/13 11:49:59 GOLDSUX
   Mali crisis: 'Timbuktu joy after life of fear' 01/16/13 11:23:12 LindyPhD
   With allies reluctant, French soldiers go it alone in Mali fighting 01/16/13 12:02:24 wren
   Mali: French troops head north into unknown --- and alone 01/16/13 13:36:17 OH John
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   Mali conflict: Desert fighting on 'Mars' 03/31/13 05:05:45 OH John