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Targeted Killing Is New U.S. Focus in Afghanistan 08/01/10 06:44:13 Are2Dtwo
   just one thing 08/01/10 08:41:40 Purcell23
   I would kill them myself but I would never stoop to name calling. 08/01/10 09:23:04 LindyPhD
   Drones create the next generation "Mozzies" 08/01/10 17:27:43 igots2no
   heathens and choppers 08/02/10 01:39:26 Purcell23
   Compensation for Bombing Victims - The Price of an Afghan Life 08/21/10 09:55:08 Suleyman Agha
   US troops 'murdered Afghan civilians and kept body parts' 09/09/10 18:37:58 Suleyman Agha
   aaaahhhhhhh the spoils of war 09/09/10 23:20:17 Purcell23
   Coalition to attack Taliban this fall 09/11/10 15:34:34 wren