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'Ponzi' lawyer gets 100 years in huge scam 01/29/10 03:50:25 The Money Board
   Scott Rothstein 01/29/10 03:50:43 The Money Board
   E-mails reveal desperate final days of Rothstein's Ponzi scheme 02/01/10 06:50:36 The Money Board
   Rothstein's wife wants the Fort Lauderdale attorney's pre-Ponzi assets 02/04/10 04:42:48 The Money Board
   Reputed mobster pleads not guilty in Scott Rothstein-related case 03/25/10 23:54:39 The Money Board
   Investment Adviser Agrees to Surrender $6 Million in Rothstein Case 07/16/10 04:09:51 The Money Board
   Hedge Fund Owner in Rothstein Case Agrees to Surrender Bulk of Assets 07/24/10 03:47:11 The Money Board
   Fund manager who fed Rothstein fraud to sell assets in settlement 07/28/10 02:40:07 The Money Board
   Rothstein’s victims: 218 people, $188.36M 08/04/10 04:48:55 The Money Board
   Ponzi scheme helper given house arrest 08/29/10 01:27:48 The Money Board
   Enrique Ros - Daniel Dromerhauser - Roberto Settineri 08/29/10 01:28:39 The Money Board
   Rothstein Ordered to Repay $363 Million to Victims 08/30/10 09:53:01 The Money Board
   Rothstein's Non-Investor Clients Get Restitution Priority 09/05/10 00:51:29 The Money Board
   Rothstein's right-hand woman faces 10 years in prison at October sentencing 09/13/10 16:41:28 The Money Board
   Whistleblower Tells the Fascinating Story of His Intersection with Ponzi Scheme Master Scott Rothstein 09/28/10 10:42:21 The Money Board
   Judge: 10 years for Scott Rothstein's right-hand woman at law firm 10/10/10 01:40:51 The Money Board
   Reputed mob figure sentenced to 4 years in prison 11/03/10 10:29:44 The Money Board
   Rothstein bank hit with $60 million clawback suit 12/08/10 04:16:57 The Money Board
   Former Rothstein law partner ready for Feb. 14 civil trial 01/05/11 01:51:08 The Money Board
   Rothstein associate allegedly breaches settlement with bankruptcy lawyers 01/08/11 06:56:24 The Money Board
   Tew: Gibraltar had no knowledge of fraud 01/16/11 03:26:21 The Money Board
   CFO leaves Gibraltar Private Bank 01/16/11 04:50:25 The Money Board
   Gibraltar execs face Rothstein questions 01/18/11 03:14:47 The Money Board
   Adler settles Rothstein case 01/30/11 03:43:14 The Money Board
   New York Hedge Funds Fight Back In Rothstein Ponzi Suit 02/15/11 09:37:14 The Money Board
   Attorneys seek Rothstein's testimony about his Ponzi scheme under oath 04/05/11 04:02:14 The Money Board
   Rothstein property auctioned for $1.8 M in Fla. 05/02/11 04:58:11 The Money Board
   More to be charged in Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme 05/24/11 09:37:09 The Money Board
   Four More Charged in Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme 05/28/11 01:15:05 The Money Board
   Howard Kusnick - William J. Corte - Curtis Renie - Stephen Caputi 05/28/11 01:19:04 The Money Board
   US to seek sentence cut for Fla. Ponzi schemer 06/09/11 10:49:50 The Money Board
   Former Rothstein law partner disbarred for role in $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme 07/16/11 03:02:08 The Money Board
   Rothstein Partner Stephen Caputi Receives 5 Years in Prison 08/24/11 09:23:17 The Money Board
   Rothstein's Friend Sentenced to Prison - Howard Kusnick 09/03/11 23:37:35 The Money Board
   Rothstein investor Sochet targeted in $105M suit 09/10/11 01:59:10 The Money Board
   Rothstein associates get 3 years for Ponzi sceme - William Corte - Curtis Renie 09/30/11 00:01:46 The Money Board
   TD Bank had 21 fraud alerts on Rothstein accounts 10/22/11 01:23:32 The Money Board
   Former Gen’l Counsel David Boden is Target of $37.8M Rothstein Law Firm Clawback Suit 10/31/11 10:08:53 The Money Board
   TD Bank called 'engine' for Rothstein's Ponzi 11/09/11 09:59:30 The Money Board
   Hollywood Ex Sues Over Rothstein Allegations 11/16/11 10:08:41 The Money Board
   TD Bank's Greenberg Traurig attorneys may face sanctions 11/29/11 10:04:33 The Money Board
   New charges filed in Rothstein Ponzi scheme - William Boockvor - Marybeth Feiss 12/01/11 09:36:52 The Money Board
   Rothstein says he had banker 'under his control' 12/19/11 07:56:52 The Money Board
   Rothstein Says TD Bank Played ‘Critical’ Role in Ponzi Scheme 12/23/11 03:14:36 The Money Board
   Ex-Lawyer Rothstein Testifies Fund Managers Aided Ponzi Scheme 12/31/11 07:37:54 The Money Board
   TD Bank ordered to pay $67 million for its role in a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme 01/19/12 07:25:23 The Money Board
   TD Bank Reaches Settlement in Ponzi Scheme Lawsuit 02/27/12 06:46:03 The Money Board
   Last defendant in Rothstein Ponzi scheme case settles 03/02/12 06:45:09 The Money Board
   Convicted Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstein’s Fla. Home Sells for $5.1 Mil 04/21/12 02:15:08 The Money Board
   Rothstein breaks down in deposition 06/05/12 05:27:11 The Money Board
   Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein knew fraud was collapsing 07/11/12 07:10:39 The Money Board
   Judge sanctions firm, bank in Ponzi-related case 08/04/12 03:46:00 The Money Board
   Lawyers Sanctioned for Discovery Buffoonery 08/15/12 01:52:17 The Money Board
   Former Gibraltar CEO Hayworth settles secret Rothstein complaint 08/18/12 04:57:23 The Money Board
   When a Customer's Bad Behavior Can Bring a Bank Down 09/06/12 12:08:44 OH John
   Rothstein’s Wife Charged With Hiding $1 Million in Jewelry 09/07/12 00:44:05 The Money Board
   Five Floridians receive multiple charges filed in Rothstein Case 09/14/12 02:09:52 The Money Board
   35 Ponzi victims sue TD Bank, Rothstein for $72 million 11/29/12 05:20:16 The Money Board
   Wife to plead guilty to hiding jewellery worth more than $1million after her husband’s Ponzi scheme imploded 01/06/13 06:57:08 The Money Board
   Rothstein trustee objects to David Boden's claim for 'lost wages' 01/31/13 06:48:56 The Money Board
   Kim Rothstein, Wife of Convicted Ponzi Schemer, Pleads Guilty in Jewelry-Hiding Conspiracy 02/02/13 03:11:48 The Money Board
   Ponzi scheme lawyer Rothstein's wife seeks delay in sentencing to testify in related case 04/18/13 02:58:07 The Money Board
   Rothstein Judge Rejects Materials on Victim-Payment Plan 04/18/13 04:52:43 The Money Board
   TD pays $70M to settle Ponzi scheme suit 06/11/13 02:50:14 The Money Board
   Kim Rothstein Sentencing Delayed 07/03/13 04:44:38 The Money Board
   Bankruptcy plan will restore losses for many investors in Fla. $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme 07/14/13 03:12:25 The Money Board
   Rothstein bankruptcy distributes $95.8M 08/14/13 02:57:08 The Money Board
   Two Broward lawyers charged in Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme 09/02/13 01:31:53 The Money Board
   Ponzi lawyer's wife seeks another sentence delay 09/16/13 23:27:24 The Money Board
   TD Bank to pay $52.5 million over its ties to Ponzi scheme 09/24/13 23:54:49 The Money Board
   Judge agrees to 1 more sentencing delay for wife of Fla. Ponzi scheme lawyer Rothstein 09/30/13 04:25:48 The Money Board
   Florida attorney gets 3 years in fraud case of convicted Ponzi schemer Rothstein - Scott Saidel 10/08/13 06:58:08 The Money Board
   Jeweler and alleged 'fence' expected to plead out in Kim Rothstein diamond case 10/18/13 02:28:35 The Money Board
   Wife of Fla. Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein sentenced to 18 months in prison for hiding jewels 11/13/13 05:32:44 The Money Board
   South Florida Ponzi Lawyer Scott Rothstein May Testify in Upcoming Trial 11/27/13 02:45:41 The Money Board
   Rothstein prosecutors face deadline to charge his alleged cohorts 01/25/14 05:37:39 The Money Board
   Ponzi schemer Rothstein the star witness in associate’s fraud trial in West Palm Beach 02/04/14 07:51:52 The Money Board
   Jury takes just 2 hours to find Rothstein employee guilty on all counts 02/12/14 00:41:38 The Money Board
   Fifth attorney linked to Rothstein Ponzi scheme plans guilty plea 02/20/14 04:38:26 The Money Board
   Former Scott Rothstein attorney charged; more likely to face charges 03/10/14 01:39:11 The Money Board
   Former Rothstein partner Russell Adler in court, will plead guilty next month 03/17/14 02:31:03 The Money Board
   Miami businessman sentenced in Rothstein Ponzi scandal - Eddy Marin 03/24/14 04:00:28 The Money Board
   Fla. Ponzi scheme investors sue bank for $385M 04/02/14 04:38:15 The Money Board
   Fort Lauderdale Ponzi schemer Rothstein’s top partner pleads guilty 04/16/14 03:00:06 The Money Board
   Scott Rothstein's 'trusted agent' charged in $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme 04/17/14 03:11:19 The Money Board
   Gibraltar bank warns of new regulatory enforcement action, fines over money laundering 04/23/14 05:31:14 The Money Board
   Rothstein's former CFO pleads not guilty to conspiracy charge 04/23/14 06:02:36 The Money Board
   Attorney gets 5 years prison in Fla. Ponzi scheme - Douglas Bates 05/02/14 03:45:52 The Money Board
   Three charged in Rothstein case all scheduled for guilty pleas 05/06/14 04:57:56 The Money Board
   Rothstein’s former CFO pleads guilty to money laundering for Ponzi scheme 05/22/14 01:09:25 The Money Board
   Ex-partner of Fla. Ponzi schemer Rothstein charged 05/23/14 03:51:28 The Money Board
   Lawyer Christina Kitterman gets five years in federal prison for unwittingly aiding mentor in fraud 05/23/14 04:07:42 The Money Board
   Rothstein's ex-partner Stuart Rosenfeldt appears in court on conspiracy charge 06/03/14 06:23:00 The Money Board
   Fraudster's wife unable to finish divorce as he's in secret witness protection location serving 50-year sentence for Ponzi scheme 06/06/14 04:59:55 The Money Board
   Ex-Rothstein partner Stuart Rosenfeldt pleads guilty to conspiracy 06/12/14 05:33:22 The Money Board
   Rothstein Ponzi Victims Seek Additional Sanctions Against TD Bank 07/21/14 01:26:41 The Money Board
   Court affirms $67M judgment against TD Bank in Rothstein Ponzi scheme 07/30/14 01:37:25 The Money Board
   $67 Million Judgment Upheld in Fla. Ponzi Case 08/06/14 01:33:27 The Money Board
   TD Bank Owes $67M for Aiding Ponzi Schemer 08/06/14 02:19:46 The Money Board
   Ponzi 'feeder' admits $20M role in Rothstein fraud - Frank Preve 08/20/14 03:13:44 The Money Board
   Ponzi schemer Rothstein’s former law partner faces prison at Miami sentencing 10/02/14 06:23:09 The Money Board
   Fired TD Bank VP charged in Florida Ponzi scheme 10/16/14 01:14:09 The Money Board
   Securities broker pleads guilty to helping Rothstein sell bogus investments 10/23/14 06:43:49 The Money Board