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Fund manager accused of $60 million fraud - Investors in Canada, U.S. and China targeted 03/27/09 02:45:32 The Money Board
   Weizhen Tang - Weizhen Tang Corp. - Weizhen Tang and Associates - Oversea Chinese Fund Ltd. Partnership 03/27/09 02:46:16 The Money Board
   Fraud suspect asked clients for forgiveness - Man considered by many as a financial guru accused of defrauding investors of about $60-million 03/28/09 06:11:10 The Money Board
   OSC extends trading ban against Tang 04/02/09 03:59:49 The Money Board
   SEC obtains asset freeze in Ponzi scheme targeting Chinese-American community 04/08/09 02:48:20 The Money Board
   Alleged fraudster appears in court 07/19/09 03:19:14 The Money Board
   Alleged Ponzi schemer holds BBQ to raise defence funds 06/10/10 00:34:14 The Money Board
   Alleged fraudster wants to run for Toronto mayor 09/10/10 09:08:16 The Money Board
   Weizhan Tang, 'Chinese Warren Buffet,' Slammed for Ponzi Scam 08/25/12 09:24:32 The Money Board
   ‘Chinese Warren Buffett’ Weizhen Tang trial set to begin 09/14/12 02:25:36 The Money Board
   Weizhen Tang investor describes $190,000 loss 09/20/12 04:23:08 The Money Board
   Tang trial takes bizarre turn 09/21/12 04:17:47 The Money Board
   Judge postpones sentencing of ‘Chinese Warren Buffett’ 01/10/13 05:24:22 The Money Board
   Man convicted of fraud over $52-million Ponzi scheme seeking psychiatric evaluation 01/12/13 07:29:43 The Money Board
   'Chinese Warren Buffett' sentenced to 6 years in jail over investment fraud 02/02/13 03:22:28 The Money Board