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Questions Are Raised in Trader’s Massive Fraud 12/13/08 05:29:17 Are2Dtwo
   Celebrated Wall Street trader arrested over $50bn con 12/13/08 06:52:28 joeybagger
   $50 billion at stake after Wall St broker Bernard Madoff is arrested over ‘world’s biggest swindle’ 12/14/08 06:06:33 joeybagger
   Most boneheaded financial moves of 2008 12/14/08 13:30:06 MOVAY
   Victims of record $91bn Wall St fraud speak out 12/15/08 00:53:16 joeybagger
   Such a nice man working for such nice peoples. 12/15/08 01:17:57 MOVAY
   Secret fund behind £33bn Madoff scam is uncovered 12/15/08 05:21:54 joeybagger
   How to Get Money Back from Bernie Madoff: Sue Tremont, Others 12/15/08 09:03:38 OH John
   Madoff fund liquidated as sons deny involvement 12/16/08 03:10:08 joeybagger
   Taking the fall ... 12/16/08 07:37:16 reddragon2388
   S.E.C. Issues Mea Culpa on Madoff 12/17/08 05:44:02 Are2Dtwo
   European Banks Tally Losses Linked to Fraud 12/17/08 05:50:43 Are2Dtwo
   Madoff Scandal Shaking Real Estate Industry 12/18/08 05:53:26 Are2Dtwo
   The devil and Bernard Madoff 12/18/08 06:19:22 OH John
   Mass. investor saw inside Madoff scam 12/19/08 02:33:32 joeybagger
   Lawyers target funds in bid to get back Madoff scam billions 12/19/08 07:00:48 joeybagger
   FBI diverts anti-terror agents to Bernard Madoff $50 billion swindle 12/22/08 03:18:18 joeybagger
   Madoff's Clients 12/24/08 05:17:44 Are2Dtwo
   Alexandra Penney: Skid row 12/27/08 16:34:56 OH John
   Madoff probe focuses on tax havens 12/28/08 08:04:58 joeybagger
   Madoff Victims May Have to Return Profits, Principal (Update1) 12/28/08 08:36:30 OH John
   Madoff Spotlight Turns to Role of Offshore Funds 12/31/08 05:34:30 Are2Dtwo
   US banks drawn into Bernard Madoff scandal amid fear of more victims 01/05/09 04:42:11 joeybagger
   Madoff Wasn’t Friend, Pain Is ‘Unbearable,’ Kohn Says (Update2) 01/15/09 06:05:54 OH John
   HSBC, UBS May Be Liable on Madoff as Fund Custodians (Update3) 01/15/09 06:15:06 OH John
   Bernard Madoff's investment fund 'never traded' 01/17/09 03:59:21 joeybagger
   Madoff Clients May Recoup More Losses Through Taxes Than Suits 01/22/09 14:03:33 OH John
   Bernard Madoff could escape trial with guilty plea 02/11/09 11:41:39 joeybagger
   Madoff's wife pulled out $15 million before his arrest 02/11/09 12:21:12 MOVAY
   BNP Loses Cases Against UBS Over Madoff-Linked Funds 03/04/09 03:54:52 The Money Board
   Madoff likely to plead guilty 03/07/09 10:57:16 The Money Board
   Jailed Bernard Madoff breaks his silence to say 'sorry' 03/12/09 09:03:57 joeybagger
   Swiss private bank offers compensation for fraud as Madoff pleads guilty 03/12/09 13:50:31 The Money Board
   Chile’s Celfin Refunds $11 Million to Clients for Madoff Losses 03/13/09 17:35:36 The Money Board
   Luxembourg Minister Urges Settlement of Madoff Suits 03/17/09 04:15:08 The Money Board
   Gulf bank to help clients hit by Madoff fraud 03/18/09 03:51:20 The Money Board
   Bank Medici no longer a bank 03/21/09 04:30:49 The Money Board
   $1 billion in Madoff assets is found 03/24/09 02:50:58 The Money Board
   Ruth Madoff took $2m from London office before collapse 03/28/09 06:15:24 The Money Board
   Lawsuit filed against bank over Madoff loss 03/30/09 10:32:30 The Money Board
   U.S. Marshals seize Madoff home, boats in Florida 04/02/09 04:13:00 The Money Board
   Forced Bankruptcy for Madoff? Some Investors Want It, But Authorities Don’t 04/09/09 02:49:37 The Money Board
   The Madoff affair - A sidekick sings 08/15/09 11:09:58 The Money Board
   New scam targets Madoff victims 03/12/10 11:21:45 OH John
   Update: Madoff a 'hero,' has groupies in prison 06/09/10 14:20:03 wren
   Bernie Madoff’s Son Found Dead In NY Apartment 12/11/10 09:29:13 OH John
      Mark Madoff found hanged from a dog leash in his apartment 12/11/10 12:00:56 joeybagger
   Judge Approves $7.2 Billion Settlement in Madoff Case 01/13/11 10:58:47 The Money Board
   Ruth Madoff Has $14 Million From BNY That Trustee Wants to ’Recapture’ 03/16/11 01:22:58 The Money Board
   HSBC in $62m Madoff investor deal 06/07/11 09:08:25 The Money Board
   Ex-Madoff trader admits faking records since 70s 11/26/11 02:35:36 The Money Board
   David Kugel - Annette Bongiorno - Joann Crupi 11/26/11 02:39:42 The Money Board
   Swiss banks under fire over Madoff fraud 06/07/12 05:02:39 The Money Board
   Bernard L. Madoff 06/07/12 05:17:12 OH John
   Madoff's Clients 06/07/12 05:20:16 OH John
   Peter Madoff, Bernie's brother, to plead guilty over Ponzi scheme 07/11/12 07:27:40 The Money Board
   Investors in Madoff's Ponzi scheme will receive $405 million in payouts 07/11/12 07:32:12 The Money Board
   Former Madoff Employee To Plead Guilty - Irwin Lipkin 09/21/12 03:43:35 The Money Board
   Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme victims receive $2.48 billion payout 09/21/12 03:45:11 The Money Board
   Ex-Madoff Workers Face More Charges in Fraud Indictment - Daniel Bonventre - Annette Bongiorno - Joann Crupi - Jerome O’Hara - George Perez 10/07/12 04:10:17 The Money Board
   Madoff-Linked Firm to Pay $210 Million - Ivy Asset Management 11/29/12 03:38:07 The Money Board
   Peter Madoff Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For His Role In Brother's Ponzi Scheme 12/27/12 03:21:06 The Money Board
   JPMorgan Ordered to Cooperate with Regulators Regarding Madoff Ponzi Scheme 01/06/13 07:10:39 The Money Board
   Madoff’s Brother Sells Park Avenue Home Ahead Of Prison Term 01/06/13 07:13:57 The Money Board
   N.Y. Calls Madoff Trustee's Claims On Merkin 'Absurd' 03/13/13 01:20:08 The Money Board
   Court Bars Madoff Investor Lawsuits Against SEC 04/18/13 02:33:22 The Money Board
   Judge: No interest on Madoff victims' money 09/11/13 01:27:51 The Money Board
   Prosecutors Pursue Probes Of Madoff Niece, Accountant, Son 09/19/13 03:07:14 The Money Board
   Details of Bernie Madoff love triangle admissible in court: Judge 09/25/13 00:43:17 The Money Board
   Bernard Madoff's former accountant arrested over $65bn Ponzi scheme - Paul Konigsberg 09/30/13 04:41:48 The Money Board
   Bernard Madoff's colleagues to face trial over involvement in Ponzi 10/08/13 06:43:30 The Money Board
   Implications for Banks as Madoff Litigation Grinds On 10/16/13 04:36:27 The Money Board
   Madoff employees were puppets of 'grand master,' defense says 10/18/13 02:13:45 The Money Board
   British judge clears Madoff sons of wrongdoing 10/19/13 12:43:35 joeybagger
   Madoff Trader Who Pleaded Guilty Testifies Against Ex-Colleagues - David Kugel 10/31/13 04:16:14 The Money Board
   5-ex Madoff employees on trial in NYC for fraud 11/13/13 06:17:39 The Money Board
   Ex-Bank Austria head investigated in Madoff case: prosecutors 11/25/13 06:15:53 The Money Board
   Madoff Lieutenant Describes Ploy to Outwit Auditor 12/03/13 00:56:01 The Money Board
   HSBC’s Irish arm sued for $540m over Madoff 12/03/13 01:04:41 The Money Board
   Madoff's Brother Struck From New York Bar 01/04/14 04:08:35 The Money Board
   JPMorgan Chase to pay $2.5 billion in penalties tied to Bernie Madoff's $65 billion scam 01/10/14 10:27:40 The Money Board
   Ex-Madoff aide's testimony challenged - Frank DiPascali 01/14/14 03:41:17 The Money Board
   Bernie Madoff revealed to have a heart attack in prison and is now suffering from stage 4 cancer 01/23/14 03:40:54 The Money Board
   Madoff aide testifies in federal fraud case - Daniel Bonventre 02/19/14 01:53:33 The Money Board
   Madoff's ex-secretary denies knowledge of Ponzi scheme 02/25/14 02:26:27 The Money Board
   Madoff Aides Told ‘Avalanche’ of Lies, Prosecutor Tells Jury 03/06/14 03:03:51 The Money Board
   Lawyers Say Madoff's Ex-Employees Were Only Following Directions 03/13/14 01:51:10 The Money Board
   Madoff says Ponzi scheme was not betrayal of the Jewish people 03/21/14 03:38:19 The Money Board
   Ex-Bernie Madoff employees convicted in Ponzi scheme's first trial 03/25/14 04:23:19 The Money Board
      Last defendant left in Bernie Madoff fraud cases agrees to guilty plea - Paul Konigsberg 06/19/14 00:00:49 The Money Board
   Madoff's Ex-Accountant Pleads Guilty 06/26/14 03:01:43 The Money Board
   Madoff Sons Deleted E-Mails, Hindered Probe, Trustee Says 07/21/14 02:28:30 The Money Board
   Court Won't Unravel Madoff Settlements 08/19/14 01:27:31 The Money Board
   Andrew Madoff leaves more than $15 million to family, fiancee 09/17/14 02:38:57 The Money Board
   Bernie Madoff son under investigation for Ponzi scheme until his death 09/30/14 01:25:31 The Money Board
   U.S. Madoff fund has paid zero to fraud victims so far 05/23/17 09:01:32 Suleyman Agha