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This forum is dedicated to discussions of international issues with emphasis on humankind's quest for conflict resolution and peace.

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Incompetent Global News blames Frenchman for terror 04/22/17 14:42:28 tempus338
   You refer to Paris terror attack on police. 04/23/17 06:05:55 LindyPhD
   Global supports every deviant and ignores normal folks 04/29/17 14:16:14 wren
   Jackson Proskow: "stupidity" personified. 05/19/17 15:03:10 LindyPhD
   Porkow is just another Trudeau lickspittle 05/20/17 05:41:36 tempus338
   Global TV are Liberal. Progressive elitist Democrats 06/09/17 16:18:19 wren
   Snake Tapper gets Canadian award 06/09/17 17:00:53 LindyPhD