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This forum is dedicated to discussions of international issues with emphasis on humankind's quest for conflict resolution and peace.

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Shit Erdogen dictator Hitler type Islamic scum own new power 04/16/17 15:14:09 MOVAY
   Son of pig Erdogen, ruler of Europe, master of Merkel 04/16/17 17:45:05 LindyPhD
   Erdogen is evil and bellicose but controllable 04/18/17 04:33:26 manfred
   Maybe so Manfred but a secular Turkey 04/18/17 15:57:40 Renaud
   Does Trump believe Abbas or Erdogan? NAH! 05/17/17 04:37:39 urscum
   Erdogan thugs beat protestors in America! 05/17/17 15:37:36 Peyton
   Youtube shows Erdogan bodyguards beating elderly protesters 05/18/17 09:18:06 Goldgal