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This forum is dedicated to discussions of international issues with emphasis on humankind's quest for conflict resolution and peace.

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Syria deserved the strike but were they guilty? 04/07/17 15:25:01 Renaud
   Could it have been Islamists that stocked sarin. 04/07/17 16:38:11 Peyton
   Using Islamist strategy and tactics 04/08/17 08:44:39 xzwqvy from vhcbdtyia
   Trump shows up treasonous leadership 04/08/17 12:20:53 manfred
   I hate Justin Trudeau 04/08/17 13:03:10 wren
   Maybe Islamists warehoused chems but no matter 04/09/17 14:08:12 manfred
   Syria okay but Iran and North Korea, are strategically​ challenging 04/10/17 19:17:07 urscum