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Scum Trudeau selfies with terrorist says CBC?! 12/08/16 15:33:41 wren
   U R Correct Wren, and here's the link to the article about shameless anti-Canadian Trudeau posing with the terror suspect. 12/09/16 10:35:17 LindyPhD
   Canadian media won't report real reason for Trudeau's plummeting polls 12/16/16 18:06:02 wren
   "jizya" is the tax infidels pay to Muslims as welfare, dole or any charitable giving to them. 12/17/16 08:15:21 GOLDSUX
   Canada seen as great migrant example by media and bureaucrats 12/25/16 20:26:17 Renaud
   How incompetent is Justin Trudeau? His mouth is open wide but his mind is small and empty like most liberal elitist scum! 01/13/17 11:46:14 LindyPhD
   Good video on Justin Trudeau's migrant policy for those who give a damn about Canada! 01/13/17 11:50:32 LindyPhD
   Here's another but don't look if you're a sensitive right wing islamophobic or don't like stupid liberal interviewers. Don't look if you hate honesty! 01/13/17 11:55:52 LindyPhD
   Trudeau prefers road trip to Trump inauguration 01/16/17 19:11:35 wren
      Aga Khan pays for Trudeau's vacation. 01/17/17 06:49:45 LindyPhD
   Effete Trudeau plays Strasbourg crowd 02/18/17 06:42:13 wren
   Trudeau spoke in Hamburg about CETA 02/18/17 16:13:31 manfred
      False claims by Mainstream Media and Muslims 02/22/17 12:43:29 manfred
   Bye elections in Canada 02/23/17 06:07:35 wren
   Immigrants refugees crashing border while Trudeau fiddled with himself 02/23/17 15:58:09 wren