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Spill wipes $23 billion off BP 06/01/10 09:46:12 OH John
   This could sink BP. 06/01/10 09:57:04 OH John
   It is hard on BP shareholders 06/01/10 12:08:12 igots2no
   Oil spills and hurricanes don't mix, Gulf region braces for worst as hurricane season starts 06/01/10 12:36:28 LindyPhD
   U.S. Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Oil Spill 06/02/10 05:39:02 Are2Dtwo
   Oil slick moves close to Florida beaches 06/02/10 08:21:33 OH John
   Latest effort to halt Gulf of Mexico oil leak hits a snag 06/02/10 08:49:01 wren
   What will a hurricane do to the oil spill? 06/02/10 09:40:23 LindyPhD
   Nuclear Option on Gulf Oil Spill? No Way, U.S. Says 06/02/10 19:23:21 igots2no
   Yes, Obama is “Engaged” – in a Colossal Crime 06/04/10 17:52:28 Schwedenkiste
   It will recover 06/06/10 02:00:08 Purcell23
   Russia wants global fund after Gulf oil spill 06/10/10 18:42:04 igots2no
   I can't believe 06/12/10 01:04:21 Purcell23
   Conflict of Interest 06/12/10 06:00:32 igots2no
   Town hit by Exxon Valdez spill watches Gulf 06/12/10 07:47:12 wren
   ohjohn was right when he said this could sink BP (BRITISH PETROLEUM) 06/12/10 08:00:16 wren
   But that's just business wren 06/13/10 01:49:46 Purcell23
   Report on Youtube. 06/13/10 13:55:44 Goldgal
   who is in charge there? 06/13/10 20:20:15 Purcell23
   This from Jon Nadler of Kitco 06/15/10 06:59:22 OH John
   Big Oil points fingers at BP 06/16/10 04:37:29 OH John
   BP 'to fund $20bn spill payouts' 06/16/10 09:14:58 wren
   Re: Spill wipes $23 billion off BP 06/19/10 06:01:04 Are2Dtwo
   Which way forwards for BP? 07/07/10 03:39:29 LindyPhD
   Obama 'Could Take £6.7bn Tax Hit From BP' 07/14/10 07:12:23 joeybagger
   Is Michelle eating ice cream? She sure likes to chow down. 07/14/10 08:19:45 Renaud
   and, as an unelected official 07/15/10 00:21:16 Purcell23
   Porter Stansberry: "We Can't Live without Gulf Oil" 07/19/10 08:25:16 OH John
   BP chief Tony Hayward 'negotiating exit deal' 07/25/10 06:00:56 wren
   We need to move on past oil and coal 07/25/10 22:36:49 Purcell23
   Pipeline to Sarnia spills oil into river 07/27/10 13:42:28 wren
   Looks like a plan to me 07/28/10 02:09:28 Purcell23
   U.S. press and scientists admit that BP spill is vanishing much faster than expected 07/30/10 06:51:44 joeybagger
   Why is the U.S. Government Protecting BP? 08/22/10 18:11:56 OH John
   Halliburton Spill Liability May Rise on BP Well Report 10/29/10 10:29:56 Suleyman Agha
   Gulf oil spill: President's panel says firms complacent 11/09/10 10:38:46 wren
   This BP deal is, finally, the death of the British Empire 01/16/11 05:18:01 The Money Board
   BP oil spill fund sued for fraud and negligence 02/28/11 02:07:16 The Money Board
   Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill 04/15/11 17:44:57 The Money Board
   BP's 'scapegoat' strikes it rich with Rothschild & Co 04/18/11 20:01:13 Schwedenkiste
   BP sues rig owner for $40B; blames it for disaster 04/22/11 18:37:53 Suleyman Agha
   Peter Fonda Calls Barack Obama A "Traitor" 05/20/11 16:33:08 Suleyman Agha
   BP reaches $7.8bn deal over Deepwater Horizon oil spill 03/03/12 10:23:46 OH John
   BP Settlement Leaves Most Complex Claims Unresolved 03/04/12 03:07:39 Red Blackhat
   BP oil spill: First criminal charges filed in US 04/24/12 14:43:13 OH John
   Audit Finds $64M Hole in Paid Oil Spill Claims 04/25/12 07:40:31 The Money Board
   Analysis: U.S. government attack on BP shows it ready for court battle 09/05/12 19:14:47 OH John